About us

About us

Naviga Model was founded as a family company in 1995, making its debut same year with the production of a dismounted wooden model boat kit and then continued with producing auxiliary items for the model making. Establishing partnerships with several other companies, Naviga Model also started making private label model kits for other brands. Not limiting itself with boat design, the company also took steps to produce architectural models and stand designs for advertisement companies.

Starting from 2015, the company kept its activities that were only under its own brand. Also from that date, Naviga Model started designing innovative kits with extraordinary interior design details and interior lightings.

Following the latest technology closely, the company integrated the most recent production technologies into its processes. With its high-tech production capability and experienced technical service team, the brand manufactures world-class model kits.

The company also gives support to manufacturers that build models from blueprints, besides that build from pre-manufactured kits.

Naviga Model also gives consultancy on result-oriented, rapid and economical solutions, without compromising from quality.